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Getting an on-campus job is a great way to save up money for the future and to pay for college. If you live on campus, having an on-campus job can be more convenient than finding one elsewhere and most colleges have a plethora of on-campus jobs to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Do you like to stay active?

Campus Fitness Center – Many campuses have a fitness center available for students to use and hire student interested in personal training or fitness to teach classes, man the front desk or even train other students.

Athletics Department – If sports are your main interest, you can find jobs with athletics, whether it be shagging balls, selling tickets at to events and games or even being a student athletics photographer!

Do you like to solve problems?

Financial Aid Office – The financial aid office is always looking for students who are good with numbers and with people. Working in this office requires you to have good people skills and the ability to problem solve on the fly.

Registration Office – Along the same lines, students that work in the registration office can help students that are having trouble registering or need help dropping a class.

Do you like to build connections with others?

New Student Orientation Leader – Orientation leaders are some of the first people that freshmen meet! If you are energetic and love to meet new people, this might be a perfect job for you.

Resident Assistant – Resident assistants oversee the residence halls and ensure that everyone has a safe college experience. They do this by interacting with residents in a professional and friendly manner and handling any problems and emergencies that arise.

Do you love your university?

Admissions Student Tour Guide – Campus tour guides are one of the first people that prospective students interact with. Tour guides answer any questions that students have about the university and show off their awesome campus!

Social Media Marketing – Some schools hire students to market their school on social media. If you are social media savvy, you should inquire at your school’s marketing office to see if there are any opportunities!

Do you love helping people learn?

Teaching Assistant – Professors with large classes sometimes hire students as their teaching assistant (TA). TAs grade papers, do data entry, tutor students or anything else that the professor might need.

Peer Tutor – Have gotten really good grades in one of your classes? Are you a science scholar? Do you know your way around calculus? Then you should consider applying to be a peer tutor at your school’s tutoring center!

Do you love technology and media?

IT Department – The IT department at most schools provides services to students, staff and faculty, such as computer troubleshooting, network maintenance and computer labs. If you consider yourself to be computer savvy, this might be the place for you!

Production/Media Office – Did you take video classes in high school? Do you know how to use PhotoShop, inDesign or other design programs? Get in touch with your school’s media and production office. Many schools hire students to help with different production projects, including commercials, live events and other promotional material.

Are you detail-oriented?

Campus Post Office – From sorting mail to delivering packages, the campus post office requires an attention to detail and an ability to work well both with others and by yourself. This could be a great place to work for those who enjoy these types of tasks.

Campus Bookstore – Having good customer service skills, as well as the ability to multitask would make you a great asset to your campus’ bookstore. Plus, you might even get a little discount!

Do you love helping people?

Library – Helping people find the books that they are looking for and giving people suggestions for their research papers are all in a day’s work for a library assistant.

Welcome Center – Students who work at the welcome center get to be the face of the university to guests, as they answer questions, give directions, and act as a liaison to other departments.

Do you love writing?

Campus Newspaper – Whether it be earning a scholarship or an actual paycheck, if you are an aspiring journalist, you should definitely find out more about opportunities to write for your campus’ newspaper!

Writing Center – Is proofreading your favorite thing in the whole world?Find out if your school has a writing center that provides proofreading or editing services to students!

Do you love research?

Research Assistant – Faculty that are working on research projects may recruit students to assist them in writing articles, gathering data and conducting surveys and studies. This would be a great way to gain experience in research and scholarship.

Study Participant – Some colleges pay students to participate in studies for research purposes. Keep your eyes peeled for posters and emails advertising these studies!

Bonus ideas…

Maintenance Staff – If you are handy with tools and don’t mind physical labor, this job could be a great fit for you! It takes a lot of hands to keep a university running and the maintenance crew handles everything from landscaping to changing light bulbs to fixing clogged toilets.

Barista – To be honest, this is the perfect college job. You get to sling beans all day, hang out with other college students and maybe even get some free coffee!

Cafeteria Worker – While working in the cafeteria may not be ideal, the cafeteria is always looking for new employees! This is a great starting place to build your resume, especially if you have no prior experience.

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