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Sources of Income

About Me

My name is Christianna Hurt the original and CEO of Wealthycollegekid. I’m twenty three years old and still in college at University of Central Florida. I started my online journey April 5th 2016 when I was fired from not one but multiple jobs I was struggling to pick up shifts I was struggling to pay for anything I wanted and I was tired of driving a Volkswagen my relationship with another internet entrepreneur  soon helped me  not only learn online marketing and network marketing but within ninety days of starting I generated over 256,000 in revenue in thirty days with e-commerce on the platform Shopify. I soon began expanding into other business models like (CPA)-cost per action performance marketing on the top CPA networks. Then later building my brand around my journey and my mistakes also branching into becoming an affiliate for Motor Club of America. I built my brand on the same college kid struggles I started with not having any time not having any money and managers not understanding that college sucks when your broke. Fast Forward to now I have not only created a digital business educational platform in which anyone with wifi and a bank account can stably make an income online correctly and legally without watching 100’s of videos and spending thousands of dollars to make nothing back. I have created multiple six-figure earners that expanded into their own brands as well as women and men who have been able to completely retire from the job they worked all their life.  I share my journey my mistakes and my lifestyle not to brag but to inspire others to see you don’t have to be famous to make the money you’ve always dreamed of having. Your always one campaign one ad away from changing your entire life for the rest of your life. A four year degree is still a four year degree even if it takes you seven years to finish. I’m Christianna & you miss every shot you don’t take .

About Us

We are an organization consisting of startup entrepreneurs that are making waves in their chosen industries. We are quite experienced in e-commerce and internet marketing with substantial results to show for it. Also, we are quite active on social media which is a platform we have utilized quite well to our advantage to promote our different businesses. We exist to inspire the youths out there that are striving and pursuing their dreams.

Already, we have impacted thousands of lives with our operations because we so much believe in the potential of this current generation, which if properly harnessed will contribute positively to the immediate community, region and the world at large.

Our mission

To make our clients realize how special their goals, dreams, and desires are so that they can be inspired by the mindset that nothing is impossible for them to achieve as long as they believe.

Our vision

To channel our expertise through continuous diligence, networking and teamwork that will enable our clients to pursue their dream and attain the desired success.

Core values

As an organization, here are our core values:

  1. Inspiration: we just want to motivate and inspire youths to pursue their dreams in order to achieve success.   
  2. Empowerment: we already have the tools in place needed to facilitate the achievement of success for prospective members.
  3. Transparency: we are straightforward and succinct without any iota of subterfuge while dealing with our clients.
  4. Guaranteed results: we talk less and do more allowing our finished jobs to speak for themselves.
  5. Resourcefulness: we are very resourceful and strategic in our thinking as we always look to help members maximize their potential and make the most of available resources.

Why us

  1. We guarantee tangible results with our expertise and years of experience.
  2. We help our members to grow in their personal development so that success can be achieved promptly with little or no setbacks.
  3. We provide the necessary information and tools that will enable our members to realize their dream.
  4. We always strive to do better by continuously educating ourselves and coming up with more innovative ways of helping members maximize their potential.



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