What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Passive income.

That’s the dream, right?

Make money while you sleep.

For 99% of people, affiliate marketing is how they get started.

The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.

It’s based on revenue sharing. If you have a product and want to sell more, you can offer promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program. If you have no product and want to make money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer.  Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative plus, earn a full-time income.

The MAIN Focus

You’re whole thing as an affiliate is getting traffic getting visitors getting subscribers. THAT is your main focus when you first get started. Eventually if you choose you can create your own product if you want, your own services, but I feel like affiliate marketing is just a great way to get started because you don’t have to take risk. Creating a business and creating a product or an idea can be very risky. You might fail it might not work out it could cost you a lot of money a lot of time. Instead you could focus on building a blog, Youtube channel or a Facebook page. Focusing on a few streams of marketing to attract people to you, you can then funnel people into other people’s products and earn a lot of money by doing that.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient forms of advertising because you’re paying out and only giving that affiliate marketer commission when a sale has already been made. From the affiliates prospective, it’s fantastic for them because they may not be capable of building a product or offering a service but what they’re good at is building audiences and selling other people’s products.

How has affiliate marketing changed?

Believe it or not affiliate marketing has changed tremendously over the past decade as the internet has evolved and the number of channels have evolved, everything from social to email etc.

Many novice beginners kind of give it a go and start sending emails out to today where people are building entire audiences around specific industries and they’re becoming experts around those particular niche markets. So, we’re seeing influencers evolve that are recommending products and services that are not their own but they’re other companies but people go to them for that info.

Examples of Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates- Anybody can join it, completely FREE. Once signed up you can pretty much promote any product on Amazon. Whatever product you decide to promote they’ll give you a unique affiliate link where you’ll plug anywhere your traffic is. Once they purchase from that specific link you’ll receive commission. Because it’s physical products they’ll give you 5 to 10% commission. It starts slow, but once you sale a lot of things it’ll gradually go up.

  • Ebay- They have affiliate networks where you can actually look at a whole marketplace of products that you wanna promote and earn a commission from.


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