Meet Christianna Hurt


started my online journey in 2016 beginning with different business opportunities such as Digital Altitude in which I generated over $20,000 in team sales with free traffic methods,and social media. I had my break through September 2016 with e-commerce making $90,000 in 21 days. I have stably maintained six figures in gross sales monthly with e-commerce ever since. I have expanded my businesses and my brand duplicating my success in other college students across the nation. Showing not only my students but any college student is capable of generating stable income while being in school. While I still primarily focus on e-commerce I have a solid team of over 700 members with Motor Club of America helping once broke college students generate 1,000 a week income and even 1,000 days.

Monthly Income (In the thousands)

  • MCA
  • Facebook Ads
  • CPA
Christianna Hurt

Income Sources

  • MCA
  • Shopify
  • CPA
Christianna Hurt
Team Size
Income sources
Christianna Hurt


Facebook Advertising
Instagram Marketing
Team Building
Performance Marketing

How old is Christianna?

Christianna is 22 years old.

What inspires her the most?

Being an example for others.

What breed is your cat?


Are you going to pursue your Masters degree?

Not at this time.

What were your plans before you started a business?

Becoming a Dentist

Where did you work before?

I was a server at a sports bar.

Were you ever scared of failure?

No, never! I don’t think negatively I speak positively because it’s speaking it into existence.

Did your family support you?

Yes! I am the oldest of four so I have always had their support no matter what.

Christianna Hurt

My student’s success is what drives me. I will do everything in my power to help you on your journey to success. I know the struggle can be hard sometimes but with just 1 hour coaching with me, I promise you’ll be encouraged, inspired, and reinvigorated to be the best possible you can be.

Christianna Hurt
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