Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

  1. Go to https://www.wealthycollegekid.com/profile/
  2. Click “Orders”
  3. Under “Actions” of your order click “View”
  4. Click the name of your course
  5. Click “Curriculum” and Enjoy.

For the FASTEST response please follow EXACT steps:

  1. Create an email to Support@WealthyCollegeKid.com
  2. In the Subject Line write: “Course Access, <login email>”
    • Ex: Subject: Course Access, Support@WealthyCollegeKid.com
  3. In the Body Message write: “<Course Needed> AND receipt image”
    • Ex: Message: Advanced Shopify, ShopfiyReceipt.jpg
  4. Please allow up to 24hrs but with all rules followed up can be faster.

Did you have an account on the old website?

If yes, please follow the steps below!

Do you need to make a new account on the current website?

  1. Go to https://www.wealthycollegekid.com/account/
  2. Under “Login & Create Account Here” use ONE of the following social logins to create an account OR login. (Common: Google)
  3. Once logged in/account created use the SAME login option EVERY TIME to ensure you are on the correct profile.

Go to my business page on instagram (@wealthycollegekid) and click on the story highlight that says “What Course Is Right For Me”. Fill out the quiz answers and shortly after you’ll receive a personalized recommendation on which course best suits you.