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Every day, many people wonder about their e-business that would allow them to run their own business. Of course, it is not surprising, after all, sales on the Internet do not involve substantial investments. It is much easier to open an online store than a stationary one. Everything is broken for costs, and their comparison in these two cases is unnecessary.

Most of the new sellers, apart from the general plan to start, do not have enough knowledge of the subject of starting an online business. He knows nothing about advertising on the Internet, and yet it is not enough to create a store and offer it. The most doubts at the beginning are whether to start with Allegro or maybe from your store? What to sell? Who to target the offer? How big is the competition?   Here are the essential keys to pay attention to how to sell online.   First – look for the market, the niche, and then the product you are going to sell. There is no point in competing in a crowded market where competition is unbeatable. As the saying goes – it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big one. It will save you advertising costs.

Try to choose a niche – be connected to it in some way. Have some experience in this field, know the needs of customers and the requirements of a given market. If you are an angler, maybe it’s time to think about selling a product from this industry? And if you’re interested in running, perhaps it will be your niche? Always take into account the production of which you already have an idea, the industry from the subject that interests you.

When we come up with the idea of what to sell, the online marketing will be used to analyse where the place is for our concept and how accurate it is. Just go to the category we are interested in online affiliate marketing and sort products by popularity – we will get simple data that will be used for analysis. By auction with the most substantial number of offers (the most popular), we can assess how big is the demand for the products, how big is the competition and its supply, what are the prices and at what cost are the customers most willing to buy.

We can do the same analysis by searching for competing stores from the same industry on Google. Of course, we will not get acquainted with the popularity or interest of a given store and its offer, but we can always compare the proposal and the price of the competition with our offer.  Once you know what market you are targeting and know what to sell, we can think about it – how to earn money online?

In the first place, we should consider buying our products, for example, the Allegro online market. Even if the competition is already visible there, Allegro is a great advertisement that will allow customers to associate our Allegro account with our store. It is worth not to limit yourself to the store itself or the auction sale itself – as you know, the lower costs will be incurred when selling the product in our store than at Allegro but often our customers who have previously bought something in our auctions later go to the store.

Of course, customers will not come back to us if prices in our store are higher than at auctions. So let’s treat auction sales as a complement to properly advertise our offer in the place where customers look for it. Google search engine also comes to mind, but at the beginning when our store is rather weak or not visible at all – we have no reason to think about going to our store from search results.

Therefore, in the beginning, we should consider the investment in the AdWords advertising that allows us to find our store at the very beginning. Primarily that for new businesses Google usually offers additional funds for an AdWords advertising campaign.

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