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  • After My First Sale Worksheet

    Congrats on your first sale! 💰

    Make sure you’re on the right track with my step by step guide on how to manage your store after your very first sale.


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  • Before My First Sale Worksheet

    Some students make a sale on their first day, others find themselves making their first sale up to 3 weeks after. By purchasing the “before my first sale” worksheet…

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  • Selecting Stop Scrolling Products

    Ever needed an exact checklist to decide what makes a product a winner before starting to sell it online this checklist will allow you to find exact qualities needed…

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  • Social Media Advertising Niches

    Are you advertising to the top audiences?

    Invest into your marketing strategy by purchasing WCK’s 2 page “Social Media Advertising: Top Industries” exclusive list. Whether you’re running ads for business…

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  • Top 100 Wealthiest Zip Codes

    Top 100 richest zip codes to list products in on various platforms including:
    ✅ Let Go
    ✅ Offer up

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  • Top 50 Craigslist Cities

    My top 50 list of Craigslist cities will save you time and energy when it comes to making sales for your business. Targeting the wealthiest economic areas I’ve found…

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