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 Included in section 1:
Group posting: posting in Facebook groups to attract random people to come to you. This is especially good if you don’t have a huge following and not that many friends.
FB Live: one of the best ways forms of video marketing for free AND with paid ads. We will be showing you how to construct your FB Live and of course depending on who you are and how you speak and some of your hobbies. This will be a breakdown of how we do it you can use and tweak if need be.
Craigslist: these are prewritten scripts that you can use to attract FREE leads on Craigslist.
How to brand yourself: (assuming you’ve already made a fan page) this is where we’ll discuss how to get likes and build your audience so when you’re promoting you’re gonna have a wider variety of people to see your opportunity.
Fan page: we will show you how to build these types of pages:
1. Personal- brand yourself as a public figure or entrepreneur
2. Generic- Something that doesn’t focus on you but more of the lifestyle working from home can provide
3. Product- Advertising the membership
Email marketing: How to send compelling Emails that print money on demand.

In Training 1 you'll learn the essentials of free traffic. These methods are a sure fire to exploding your business FAST!

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